Spend Less Time Cleaning with These 21 Brilliant Cleaning Hacks

Spend Less Time Cleaning with These 21 Brilliant Cleaning Hacks


Do you feel like you spend more time on cleaning chores every day than anything else?

Living in a clean home is a top priority. As a schedule becomes busier, however, the time to clean tends to be reduced. Most of us don’t have the finances to support hiring a professional housekeeper either.

That’s why these brilliant cleaning hacks are so important. Developed by professionals to create best practices in cleaning, you’ll be able to complete your cleaning chores faster than ever before with some of these ideas.

The Best Cleaning Hacks for the Modern Home

#1. Rubbing Alcohol

With a standard microfiber cloth, take a little rubbing alcohol and then scrub your stainless-steel appliances. You can add a little olive oil to the mix for a nice sheen on the surface as well.

#2. Vinegar

Vinegar is acidic enough that it can act as a general disinfectant. Take distilled white vinegar, place it on a sponge or cleaning cloth, then wipe down your kitchen surfaces. Allow the vinegar to dry. Then wipe down with a wet cloth to remove any lingering vinegar odors.

#3. Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets quickly clean dust and debris from window blinds. You can also use them to clean baseboard heaters. If you have a stubborn ring in the toilet, scrubbing the spot with a dryer sheet will usually remove it.

#4. Baking Soda

If you have lingering pet odors, baking soda is a great cleaning hack to use. You can place it on your furniture, carpets, and rugs. It needs to sit about 20 minutes to maximize the odor-eating impact.

#5. Bread

If a glass has broken in a room, your vacuum might not pick up the smallest shards on the floor. Or worse, the exhaust from the vacuum might push the shards into a walking area. Then if you press a slice of bread on the floor, the smallest pieces will get picked up into the pores of the bread.

#6. Dishwashing Liquid

Dishwashing liquid works very well on carpet stains. If you have a juice stain, use a teaspoon of soap in 1 cup of lukewarm water. Then blot the stain with the solution. Dye removers can be used to remove lingering color issues.

#7. Muscle Relaxant

When gum gets stuck to the carpet or a cabinet, a product like Icy Hot or BenGay will help to get it loose. Place a small amount on the gum. Then heat the area with a hair dryer, being careful not to burn any carpet fibers. Once hot enough, you can pull the gum right off.

#8. Boiling Water

Clogged drains respond very well to boiling water. For stubborn clogs, you can use baking soda and vinegar with the boiling water to get the results you want without chemicals being added.

#9. Toothpicks

Microwaves tend to be very difficult to clean. If you place a 50/50 solution of water and white vinegar into a bowl, you’ll be able to quickly clean the interior of the microwave. Run the microwave for 2 minutes with the solution, then just wipe it down from the condensation and you’re good to go. Lemon juice is another option that can be used.

#10. Dry Towels

To save energy and reduce the time it takes for a load of laundry to dry, throw in a clean, dry towel to a wet load. It will soak up some of the moisture and decrease your energy footprint simultaneously.

#11. Lemons and Salt

If you’ve ever cut an onion on a cutting board, then you know how long the smell can linger. Fish odors tend to linger as well. Combine the juice of one lemon with crystal salt to remove those odors.

#12. Self-Cleaning Ovens

Using the cleaning cycle on a self-cleaning oven is an easy way to encourage a cleaner backing area. If you vacuum out any debris in the oven, then wipe it down with straight white distilled vinegar before starting the cycle, you’ll receive better results.

#13. Razors

Some stains in your clothing seem impossible to get out. If those old paint or coffee stains just won’t budge, take a standard shaving razor to them. Most stains are on the surface of the fabric. The razor takes off the surface layer, leaving the rest of the fabric behind.

#14. Hair Dryers

If you have water rings or stains on your wooden tables, then a hair dryer will help you get rid of them. Heat up the wood enough to evaporate the water. Then apply a layer of olive oil to protect the wood.

#15. Chalk

If there are grease stains in your clothes, a little chalk will help to get it out. Standard chalk for a chalkboard works quite well. Anything chalky, however, will do the trick. You can grind up chalk-based antacids with a little water to form a paste to get a similar result.

#16. Potatoes

Graters can be difficult to clean if leftover food particles are allowed to dry on it. Should that happen, take a raw potato and grate it over the dirty area. It will clean the area right up. Then rinse off the grater to remove the potato resides.

#17. Squeegees

A squeegee is a great tool to have for window cleaning. It will also take pet fur right out of your carpets or rugs.

#18. Aluminum Foil

You know how glass baking dishes tend to discolor over time? You can get rid of that discoloration with a small ball of aluminum foil and a little dish soap. Just scrub with it until the dish is clean once again.

#19. Coca-Cola

There’s enough acid in Coca-Cola that it can remove oil stains from concrete.

#20. Rice

If your coffee grinder is smelling kind of bad, run some uncooked white rice through it. This will eliminate the odors and you’ll have some rice flour that can be used as a thickener if you want.

#21. Toothpaste

If your shoes are looking dirty, toothpaste can restore them. Just be careful if your shoes are made of leather.

These cleaning hacks make life easier because you’re working smarter instead of harder. Give them a try today to see what results you can get.

Do you have any cleaning hacks that you’d like to share which didn’t make this list? 

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