Give those Walls and Furniture a Fresh, Beautiful and Classy DIY Hue

Give those Walls and Furniture a Fresh, Beautiful and Classy DIY Hue


Perhaps home’s interior walls, furniture, and other accessories no longer have a charming look after decades of use and little or no maintenance. It is understandable; after all, everything does age and subsequently loses its grandeur.

But when you are thinking of embellishing them once again, there will be no need to hire a pro. All you will need is a DIYer spirit and a couple of paint types.

Let’s walk you through this.

  • Start with the dining room

A motif build around bold, dramatic colors will give this room a fresh new look. Starting with your set of dining furniture, a shade of Bermuda blue will blend perfectly with the green painted wall. However, as for the wall, create a beautiful grid of 18-inch squares with 3-inch spaced horizontal and vertical stripes running from the top, down. Green goes well with blue and will make the dining area calm.

  • Dresser area

In a tired room devoid of any particular activity apart from getting dressed and going away, a fresh graphic paint stencil will blend with the sole piece of furniture in the roo. This is because the large silhouette design goes well with the white and another deeply saturated hue. But to bring in a bit of charm, try to re-create dramatic looks of a green flower on the drawers of your dresser.

  • A DIY Wallpaper design

You can look for an artist to paint the whole thing or simply do it on your own. I’d prefer the DIY way because all you will need is a supersize stencil, a green paint and small painting brushes. Of course, there’s no limit as to what to draw, but again, try to mimic million-dollar wallpaper you saw and fell in love with. The web has tons of them, by the way!

  • Act on those storage boxes – decorate them too

A subtle detail to those wooden boxes using any combing tool you can find at the crafts store is the real deal. As for the choice of color, yellow against light green for a great glaze should be your choice.

  • Redo the Cabinet

Still, in the spirit of updating every aspect of your house, let’s embark on the cabinet and everything that’s around it. A smooth finish of Bermuda blue to complement the framed, vintage-inspired tree silhouette should get the job done.

  • Furniture 

First, start by removing any dirt or wax buildup. Thereafter, go for blue, pretty much like that earlier used on your dining set and the cabinet. This is for that vintage seat beside the office – not the sofa.

  • Finish with the chandelier

With everything looking beautiful and the whole house appearing like a palace or perhaps an artist’s heaven, don’t sign off without updating the chandelier too. An adhesive-backed stencil and glass-oriented paint are all you will need.

For further inspiration:

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