Gardening Décor Ideas: Garden Chandelier from Salvaged Goods

Gardening Décor Ideas: Garden Chandelier from Salvaged Goods


You shouldn’t let any salvageable metallic commodities lurk everywhere and thus hurt the great look of your home’s outdoor space. Car spare parts you no longer use and those other junk thrown around can be turned into a great ingredient of a beautiful, dramatic patio garden or garden chandelier.

Whether you are a DIY ninja or not, designing anything like a wire candle chandelier won’t be a hard nut to crack for you. And to set you off is an ingenious romantic outdoor lighting idea following a sentimental use of old scrap pieces of metals used as garden chandeliers.

What you need: 

  • Four, 3-foot long link chain
  • Four small chain connectors and one large chain connector
  • One heavy-duty jute rope
  • Salvaged industrial dishwasher basket – 24-inch diameter
  • Sheet moss
  • 12 small canning jars
  • A 6-inch wide flower pot
  • A 5-pound bag of birdseed
  • 12 votive candles


  • First, connect the four chains onto the large chain connector.
  • Then, tightly tie your heavy-duty jute rope to the large chain connector.
  • Now move the four chains fastened to the large chain connector to the outside of your basket, and then use the sheet moss to line their interior.
  • With the dishwasher basket now stable and firmly held by the four small chains, place your 6-inch flower pot in the center and the 12 small canning jars around it. It would be great if you ensure the jars are placed around the edge of the dishwasher so that tucking moss in-between them becomes a lot simpler.
  • With that done, be sure to add your birdseed as well as the votive candles with a candle for every jar. Thereafter, arrange those fresh flowers in the pot to look charming and exquisite.

Some other more awesome ways to turn your garden into a superb space at night using salvaged goods, particularly for that temporary night party include:

  • Creating a wire chandelier that consists of candles for that beautiful, rustic look. Tuck the jars with candles and arrange them systematically for a unique, whimsical and festive look.
  • For electric lights rather than candles, wind outdoor strings around an old chandelier and hang it low in the middle of your garden, then use small LED bulbs, similar to those Christmas lights.

To turn salvaged junk into personalized pieces of garden ornaments, all you need is a bit of inspiration, DIY gardening skills, and a spirited, adventurous mind. There are tons of approaches to help you light up your garden and bring in a touch of class and magnificence without necessarily spending a dime.


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