Favorite Small Trees You Should Consider 

Favorite Small Trees You Should Consider 


For sure, tree brings rains, enhances our surroundings, provide pleasant smell and shade to our homes and the entire environment at large. With their colorful flowers, they offer our fantastic homes with a charming, attractive touch of glamor.

If you are yearning to plant your trees this coming year, fall and winter season is perfect for planting trees. For a variety of trees to plant, look at the available space in your home as some trees need a lot of space and water to its maturity destination. If you are looking for ideal and long-lasting trees to grow in your garden, take note that fast-growing trees are prone to disease and insects.

The following are a couple of small trees I’d recommend you to plant and thank me later.

Red horse chestnut

Red horse chestnut trees are a stunning plant growing only thirty feet tall and should be suited in full sun or shadier areas. It also has the best coloration among many trees out there and is always resistant to fungal diseases.

Carolina Silverbell

Silverbell trees produce dangling clusters of snow white bell-shaped blossoms. If you get a right variety that will be good of you, the tree will have pink flowers. The soil should be moist, acidic and well drained.

Japanese Maple

This tree grows from 3-4 feet tall and wide to 25 feet tall and wide. Japanese maple thrives in moist, well-drained soil and should be in sun or light shade location. Japanese Maples have a good variety of feathery fine-textured leaves and can grow weeping or upright.

Chaste tree

The chaste tree grows 25 feet tall and wide respectively. If you want to stand out, choose Abbeville blue and silver spire variety which has blue and white flowers. You only have to check if it is problematic in your area before growing because it might be invasive in your home. It flowers in late May and June.


Summer chocolate variety bears purple foliage all season as well as it grows about 20 feet tall and wide.it is a tolerates drought and attracts birds such as hummingbirds.


Will you be comfortable planting Japanese maple without including dogwood? This small tree flowers in late March and April and produces pure white flowers and times pink in some varieties. Dogwood requires moist, acidic, well-drained, and partial shade.it also produces red clusters of berries and colorful foliage in the fall. It grows to about 20 feet fall and wide and tolerates shade.it is the most favorite to wildlife gardeners.


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