9 Unusual Gardening Hacks Which Really Do Work

9 Unusual Gardening Hacks Which Really Do Work


Whether you have a garden that is more than an acre in size or your garden fits into a few pots you keep on your porch, there are many benefits that come with gardening.

Gardening is a proven stress reliever. It is an activity which boosts personal feelings of confidence. It is a way to incorporate moderate levels of exercise into your daily routine. You can experience greater hand strength, better dexterity, and even improve your brain health.

Maintaining a garden, however, can also be a time-consuming experience. With the busy modern lifestyle, finding the time to take care of a garden to receive its many potential benefits feels like an impossible chore.

That is why you’ll find dozens of pages on the internet today which promote gardening hacks. Some of those hacks are brilliant, making you more productive. Others are a complete waste of time.

Instead of wondering which ones really work and which ones do not, here are some of the unusual gardening hacks you can find on the internet today that have proven to be useful.

The Best Gardening Hacks for Busy People

#1. Coffee Filter Transplants

This gardening hack is super-effective. If you place a coffee filter inside a pot with seedlings, then you can easily transplant it into a bigger pot, or your garden, when the time is right. At the same time, the filter prevents soil from going everywhere without limiting water absorption.

#2. Self-Watering Bottles

If you place a full glass bottle of water into a potted plant or in a raised bed, then it will provide water on its own when it is needed. Any glass bottle will work. You will need a terracotta irrigation spike to maximize the benefits of this gardening hack. Then you only need to water your plants every 1-2 weeks instead of every 1-2 days.

#3. Seed Containers

What can you do if you have leftover seeds from the package you just opened? If you have old candy containers, then you have a great storage place. Tic-Tac containers tend to be the most popular. Just place the seeds into the container, label them, and then you can conveniently store them until the next planting season.

A personal note: You’ll want to rinse out the containers you use before storing seeds in them. That will reduce the chances of ruining the seeds while in storage.

#4. Pantyhose on Produce

If you are growing a garden in a small space, then you’re often limited on the types of produce that can be grown. By supporting heavier fruits with pantyhose, you can begin to grow more items, including heavy melons.

You’ll want to cut the legs off the pantyhose. Then use it to create a sling around the produce which needs additional support. This gardening hack prevents premature loss of the fruits or vegetables and allows you to secure the plant to its trellis. It will also expand as your produce ripens, removing issues of restriction that some other sling supports sometimes cause.

#5. Recycled Milk Jugs, Part 1

Don’t want to purchase a bunch of pots for your new herb garden? If you have milk jugs or juice containers, then you can still create a nice garden for your patio or kitchen. Then place a liner inside of the plastic jug to prevent soil exposure, like a landscaping cloth.

You can even cut holes through the top of the jugs to support a hanging garden to maximize the space you have.

#6. Recycled Milk Jugs, Part 2

You can also use those old milk jugs as a watering container. Make sure that you thoroughly wash out the container first. Old milk residues, though not harmful to most plants, can cause some unpleasant odors. Then poke several holes in the lid of the container. Fill it with water, screw the lid on tight, and you’re ready to start watering your garden.

#7. Tea Fertilizer

Green tea provides a number of personal health benefits when consumed on a daily basis. The plants in your garden benefit from green tea as well. It contains tannic acid, which will raise the acidity levels of your soil by a small amount. It will also improve the nutrient base for the soil to encourage roots to grow and thrive. Brew some green tea for yourself, allow it to cool, then apply what you don’t drink directly to your plants.

A personal note: You can also add green tea leaves directly to your soil to encourage a better root base. Just make sure to use this gardening hack on plants that require a slightly acidic soil.

#8. Beer Pesticide

Plants tend to attract bugs over time. Some of those bugs can ruin a patio garden very quickly. You can actually protect your garden by surrounding it with beer. Place bowls of beer around your garden. The pests that like to eat your plants will be attracted to the yeast in the beer, which encourages them to crawl into the liquid. This gardening hack will also work on snails and caterpillars.

A personal note: Not every beer contains a high yeast content. Look for unfiltered beer because it will contain free-floating yeast. Mass-produced commercial beer is often filtered.

#9. Cinnamon

If you live in a high-moisture geographic location, then you likely encounter high levels of fungal growth in your garden. It will even affect patio gardens.

Some potting soils will also produce fungal growth as it supports the seedlings which will need to be removed.

One of the easiest ways to handle unwanted fungal growth is to add cinnamon to the soil. If you dip the roots of your seedlings into cinnamon powder before completing the transplant, you’ll prevent a fungus invasion.

Try mixing some cinnamon in with your potting soil mix for good results as well.

The best gardening hacks the internet offers can make life in the garden feel much better. These ideas can save you time and money as you reap the benefits of gardening.

Have you discovered some gardening hacks that you’d like to share here? 

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