5 Steps to Restore and Maintain Your Wood Deck to Keep it Looking Pristine, Never to lose its Grandeur 

5 Steps to Restore and Maintain Your Wood Deck to Keep it Looking Pristine, Never to lose its Grandeur 


First of all, the best way to let your chic and exquisite wood deck lose its magnificence and start weathering down is to stop taking care of it. And I bet you wouldn’t wish your large and expensive investment to go down this route!

Failing to maintain the deck will mean that its value and visual appeal is lost. You will no longer find pride and enjoyment relaxing under it outdoors. Worse yet, a damaged wood deck will mean a massive dip in the overall value of your house and the beauty that may never be reclaimed again.

Before it reaches this point, there is only one thing you will have to do: proper and timely maintenance. Follow the following tips to ensure that the deck lasts.

  • Inspect the structure, including its surface

Deck inspection is critically recommended, even when it should be an ongoing procedure. It must entail checking on the overall condition of its surface, if the nails and screws are still okay or loose and if the planks of wood have shown any signs of aging. When the paint starts to peel off, and the wooden planks begin to fade away, be sure rotting is on the way.

  • Clean the wood deck

With a sign of crack or peeling, you might be compelled to repaint the wood deck and thus prevent further damages. But that’s wrong! Instead, you should clean it and thus uncover any more additional damages hidden. Get rid of all the other debris, mold, and dry rotten matter and clean it thoroughly before using any sealant waterproofing solution, but be careful with how and when to use sandpaper or harsh abrasives.

  • Start with a brightener

Brighteners are straightforward to use and will restore the beautiful color, but you should only use it when you have washed the whole deck and sealed any cracks. Excellent results will most definitely depend on your choice of brightener and how you apply it. However, don’t hesitate to find a pro if you can’t apply your DIY deck repairs and maintenance skills.

  • Repaint it again

With your deck looking great once yet, now is the time to repaint it with the right paint. But before you apply that shade, check to see if it is back to its original best, both regarding structural stability and overall look. Again, a splash test to tell whether it is ripe and ready for a new paint of not is mandatory.

  • Maintenance 

After this lengthy, expensive and time-consuming procedure, don’t let it lose its cool look and charm anymore. A weekly inspection and regular washing of your wood deck are enough to maintain it. Keep this regimen, and you will prolong its longevity and usefulness.

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