13 Easy Weekend Home Decorating Projects

13 Easy Weekend Home Decorating Projects


If your home is feeling a little stale or boring, you don’t need to wait for Spring to roll around for a fresh look. Take your next weekend and dedicated it to a weekend home decorating project.

There are plenty of DIY projects you can finish over a weekend that are very affordable. Here are some project ideas to help get you started.

The Best Home Decorating Projects for the Weekend

#1. Revive your furniture.

Giving your furniture a new layer of paint, stain, or varnish can really make your personal style stand out. With paint pens, you can even draw new patterns on your furniture to give your items a sleek, modern look. Hutches are excellent candidates for this type of weekend project. Just remember to remove any glass from the hutch, or seal it off with tape, before you begin to paint.

#2. Make your photos pop.

The walls of a family home should be adorned with photographs of the memories made in past days. It should include your own art that you make. A fast and fun way to switch up the look of a room is to purchase older frames from a thrift store. Then paint them to match your color concept. Add your own artwork when you’re finished.

#3. Paint your lampshades.

If you have white lampshades at home, then a fun weekend project can be painting them with watercolors. Make sure you are using a watercolor-only paintbrush for this project. If you have fabric lampshades, you’ll need a fabric paint instead of watercolors for this idea. Pick your favorite colors, dot them around the bottom and/or top of the lampshade, then allow to dry.

#4. Pots, pots, and more pots.

If you have plants at home (and you should), there is a good chance that you’ve left them in their store-bought containers. Transplanting them into new pots can give your home a fresh look. Terracotta pots are incredibly affordable. You can also paint them too. If you do paint your pots, make sure to seal them before adding soil.

#5. Make your pots.

If terracotta doesn’t suit you, then think about making your own pots instead. You can turn coffee mugs, old globes, and even old casserole dishes into pots if you wish. Just remember to watch how much water you give the plant if you don’t have drainage through the bottom of your new pot.

#6. Stamp it out.

Scrapbooking kits come with a number of fun stamps that can be used to create unique fabric patterns. If you have a plain fabric couch, for example, a weekend project could be to take a fabric ink, roll the stamp in it, then place the stamp on the fabric. You’ll create a look that your home will love for a fraction of the cost of reupholstering the couch.

#7. Create your own memories board.

One of the best weekend projects for the home right now is the creation of a memories board. You could use a traditional material, such as corkboard, to create it. A fun, modern option would be to use some bias tape and some pushpins. Then create your own pattern on the wall where you can store everything from memories to memos.

#8. Stencil your accent wall.

If you don’t have an accent wall in a room, then create one. Pick a favorite color and paint one wall in your room this weekend. If you already have an accent wall, then stencil it to make it stand out more. You’ll create a fun, welcoming pattern which invites people to come into the room. For those who don’t like the idea of pattern painting, trying using a peel-and-stick wallpaper to create an accent wall instead.

#9. Refinish the floor.

Hardwood floors are beautiful. They also get scratched up over time. Rent a sander and get to work on that floor to remove those scratches. You’ll need to seal the floor after you’ve finished to preserve it. If you only have a couple of scratches, however, you could use a stain pen or similar project to repair the look of your room.

#10. Create under-the-bed storage.

There are many drawers out in this world that have been cast-off from their dressers and nightstands. They often go untouched at the local thrift store. Here’s the project. Go to your local hardware store. Purchase a set of casters (these are wheels). Then grab the cast-off drawers. Attach the casters, one to each corner, so the drawer can roll. Now you’ve got under-the-bed storage.

Make sure you measure the height between the floor and your bed frame before purchasing a cast-off drawer to ensure it fits under your bed.

#11. Add a chair.

Adding some extra seating to a room can give your space new life as well. Even something simple, like adding an ottoman, can change the look of a room. Wicker furniture is often left at thrift stores, though any chair will do. Then paint it to match the color scheme of the room it will be in.

#12. Add some mirrors.

Mirrors create the illusion of openness. Instead of relying on one large mirror to create this effect, try adding several small, round mirrors to one wall in your project room instead. This project works on two notes. It will give the room some artistic flair, while it also changes the sight lines to make it feel like there is more space.

#13. Darken (or lighten) your trim and molding.

The trim and molding in a room are like a frame for your walls. Over time, the colors they provide tend to fade with light exposure. Give your room some new life by creating lighter or darker colors these components. You’ll need to tape-off your walls, windows, and floors before getting to work. A favorite paint color is enough, though you could stain or varnish wood trim if you prefer.

Every house can be turned into a loving home. If your space is feeling a little lifeless lately, then consider one of these ideas and get to work this weekend.

Which project do you think you’ll tackle first?

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