12 Creative DIY Patio Ideas to Use

12 Creative DIY Patio Ideas to Use


A great patio adds charm and personality to any property. The only problem is that many patios tend to be simple slabs of concrete and nothing more.

It can be nice to sit outside with family or friends on a concrete slab during a beautiful day. It is even better when your patio becomes a real part of your home. Here are some creative DIY patio ideas you can use to spruce up this outdoor space for your home.

Incredible DIY Patio Ideas to Try

#1. Build a pergola.

A pergola is perfect for any patio. That is because it is a freestanding frame with a simple roof. Just cut your posts to the same measurement. Then create a frame that is based on the dimensions of your patio to attach at the top as a roof. Cut a handful of boards to give the roof some dimension. As an added bonus, you can drape fabric through the roof to give yourself some shade.

#2. Add a decorative element.

One of the issues most homes have with a patio is that there is no privacy. If you’re not awesome at construction, then add decorative elements around your patio to create some privacy. You could plant some mature landscaping for an instant improvement. Try adding a trellis, then plant a climbing vine, to give the patio a nice backdrop to enjoy.

#3. Create a path.

Many backyards have multiple feature points to enjoy. Try creating a path, using flagstone, from your patio to another location in your backyard, such as a garden. Flagstone is very affordable and easy to set. Remove any grass or debris first. Then flatten the ground. Add a liner, fill with sand about halfway, then fit your flagstone. Then add more sand to finish the job.

Use a metal retaining band along each side of the path to prevent the flagstones from floating into new positions.

#4. Add a firepit.

Crackling flames naturally draw people together. Watching a fire is naturally relaxing. There are dozens of different fire pit designs from which to choose that could work well with your patio. Even portable cast-iron fire pits with built-in screens are an option for small patio spaces. Adding this element will give your home another natural spot for everyone to come together.

#5. Create your own bar.

Patios have very little natural storage space. Adding a simple bar can give you what you need. Here’s the best part: you don’t need any construction experience to do this. Purchase a kitchen island from your preferred retailer. Then add weatherproofing elements to it, so you can keep it outside with your patio. Add any special touches you want to personalize it. Then you’ve got some space for drinks and snacks.

#6. Add some permanent furniture.

Putting furniture onto a patio is certainly a quick fix. It also works. Go with something that is outside of your comfort zone to create a fun look. Put a couch out there. Add a swing if you have a strong enough roof. You can even place a patio bed outside if you wish. As long as you can relax in your space, your patio project will be successful.

If you do hang a patio chair, swing, or bed, make sure that you attach the item to the support beams of your roof, not the actual ceiling over your patio.

#7. Build an herb garden.

If your patio is large enough, you could use stones, blocks, or pavers to create a raised bed that can serve as an actual garden space. For smaller patios, consider using containers and pots to create your new garden instead. Herbs are a great choice for a patio garden because they grow quickly and provide aromatics for the space. Flowers, small fruit trees, and vegetables can all be grown as well, however, so choose options that work for you.

#8. Change your flooring.

Concrete as flooring for your patio is effective, but bland. One simple way to change the look of your patio is to change its flooring. Simple gravel is enough to transform your space without a high cost. Because gravel tends to go everywhere, try building a simple border using stacked stones or landscaping blocks to prevent a mess in your backyard.

#9. Create a patio border.

Patios are often under-utilized because they don’t feel like a formal space. If you create a border for your patio, that dynamic changes. With a little wood mulch and a few favorite shrubs and perennials, you can create a beautiful border that is very easy to maintain.

#10. Add a small fountain.

A common complaint which homeowners have about their patios is that they offer a lot of unwelcome noise. That occurs because most patios are exposed. If you don’t feel like a major patio project, then try countering the unwelcome noise with some white noise of your own. A small fountain which connects to you water supply with a garden hose can do just that. Just fill the fountain with water, then let it run.

#11. Paint the floor.

Another option you have for your patio flooring is to paint the concrete. Now you could take stencils and create some intricate work if you don’t mind the time commitment. You can also take a basic garage floor paint, then roll it onto your patio. Many garage floor paints come with metallic flecks to add to it as it dries. This will protect your concrete and give you an easy way to improve the look of your patio.

#12. Improve your lighting.

Many patios have zero lighting. If they have any, it comes from a basic outdoor light or a motion-sensor light. Try upgrading your lighting to improve this outdoor space. Change the fixture of your patio light. Install an outdoor lamp. Add landscape lighting around the border of your patio.

Patios can be a warm and welcoming space for your home instead of being another slab of concrete. Try these ideas, or one of your own, this weekend and begin to transform this space.

Which DIY patio improvements do you want to try first?

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