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GARDENING TECHNIQUES provides smart, realistic solutions to everyday challenges, combining good-to-know information, inspiring ideas and the fresh interactive quality of the Web. is the go-to site for those who are looking to make life easier.

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Put on a year-round gardening show. Our gardening tips will help you create the perfect front yard and backyard landscapes


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Here are some ways to ensure that you can make your sale happen before your buyer walks through your front door for the first time.

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with inspiring ideas

13 Easy Weekend Home Decorating Projects

If your home is feeling a little stale or boring, you don’t need to wait for Spring to roll around for a fresh look…

12 Helpful Ways To Survive A DIY Move

Moving can be a real pain in the neck – literally. Whether you are moving to get a fresh start, or because your lease has expired…

Favorite Small Trees You Should Consider

For sure, tree brings rains, enhances our surroundings, provide pleasant smell and shade to our homes and the entire environment at large…

11 Modern Pergola Design Ideas

If you have a porch that doesn’t see a lot of use, then a pergola could be the perfect investment to make this year…

TRUSTWORTHY REVIEWS, GUIDES AND TIPS FOR ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING TO DO WITH THE HOME AND GARDEN. speaks to a new kind of gardener with a laid-back approach to organic gardening, style, affordability, art, and humor. We promote exploration, excitement and a d.i.y approach to growing plants without the restrictions of traditional ideas about gardening.


Just as produce tastes best when it’s growing fresh and local, gardening and craft ideas are better when they are in season!

Whether you are looking for seasonal gardening and recipes or garden-inspired crafts and decor, we have it all handpicked for you.

The Amazing Benefits of Gardening

If you have a garden, you have everything…!

Stress Buster

Reduce mental and physical stress.

A great workout!

Gardening strengthens your core!

Fights Disease!

Home grown fruits and vegetables keep the doctor away!

Enjoy a healthy veggie diet from your kitchen garden!

Forget the store, just take a stroll outside for your dinner.

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